October 1, 2008

Diving In

I was blessed this past weekend to be able to spend time with some of my friends from college, some whom I had not seen in more than four years (Yikes! Has it been that long since we graduated?). In the midst of our conversations, one of my friends asked me why I didn't have a blog. I confessed the following two reasons: 1) I couldn't think of a creative title and 2) I have nothing "interesting" to share (read: I'm not planning a wedding, having/raising a child like everyone else I know).

I decided this evening, that I was going to take the plunge. I figured it's only fair, as I spend many hours reading everyone else's blogs (even people I don't know), that I contribute to the blogging world. The title of my blog was inspired by my students during my student teaching experience. It is certainly a play on my actual last name, but my mentor insists the deeper meaning cannot be ignored. I don't know that I've saved any lives quite yet... but it's something to which I can aspire! :)

While I'm still neither planning a wedding nor expecting my first child, I do think I have some things worth sharing. Mostly, I look forward to having a place to share thoughts/ideas/opinions, whether or not anyone reads them.


  1. Nice little blog. You seem to have a lot of thoughts going through your mind. Keep thinking and keep writing. I'll await your first book.

  2. I love that you're bloggin' Erin! Looking forward to reading all your thoughts.

    And by the way, that irate parent...ugh! Don't even get me started!