October 7, 2008

Fashion Gone Wrong

Do you remember fashion in the early 90's? Big, teased hair (the bigger, the better), biker shorts with oversized t-shirts, scrunched socks, snap bracelets, hitop sneakers, MC Hammer (aka parachute) pants, Madonna-inspired cone ponytail holders... ah yes, those were the days!

At the peak of this high-fashion era, I was about 10 years old. Fifth grade, for me, was a time when I was becoming very conscious about my appearance, and I spent far too much time in front of mirrors teasing my bangs as high as possible and feathering my sides (you know you did it too!). I don't think there has been a time in my life since that I've followed fashion so closely.

Imagine my surprise today when I noticed that our school librarian was wearing a t-shirt tie. Do you rember those? I'm not certain of their exact names, but they were plastic rings (they came in several shapes and colors), and we'd weave our oversized shirts through them to hold them tight to our sides. Seriously... I know fashion is recycled, but I haven't seen these on anyone since the 1990's. And the lady in question is not one I would describe as fashionable.

Is there an old fashion trend that you're hoping will return?

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