October 5, 2008

Off the Grid

Though I am fairly certain my age falls beyond their viewing demographic, I admit that I still enjoy some MTV programming. I find True Life, for example, to be somewhat education in that if provides a glimpse into lives that are much different that my own. An episode I watched this evening was, "Off the Grid." Basically, it was a group of 6 strangers literally living off of the land for one year in the middle of Wisconsin (Do you know how cold it gets in Wisconsin in the middle of winter? Yikes!).

Let my start by clarifying that I'm not so much of an outdoorsy person to begin with - I prefer my soft bed, flushable toilets and warm showers. I used to go camping every summer with my friends, but I secretly hated these trips because I was always hot, dirty and full of bug bites. I'd rather vacation at a spa!

These brave souls, however, were living in mud huts and bathing in frigid lake water with only sand to "cleanse" their bodies (chemicals were not allowed). The stretched hides for clothing and shelter. They ate deer, frogs and squirrel... squirrel! I seriously think I'd rather go hungry (and that's saying something). If this documentary was supposed to make me interested in the green lifestyle, I would say it failed miserably. It's just too extreme for me!

Now, I'm all for thinking green and doing what we can do help the environment. I look forward to a future filled with smart cars and solar panels for all. I do my best to reduce, reuse and recycle. I believe in supporting Community-Supported Agriculture, and If I had the ability to keep a plant alive (seriously... I've killed bamboo), I would even grow my own fruits and vegetables. in a garden. I think it's pretty safe to say, though, that I couldn't make it living completely off the grid. Could you?

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