October 20, 2008

Only in America

This story is right up there with the idiot who sued McDonald's for not warning that the coffee was hot!

The article tells the story of a single, overweight, middle-aged woman (trust me, these facts are important) who arrived at a Tampa hospital complaining of severe abdominal cramps. While the professionals were busy running tests and such, said woman decides she needs to use a bathroom and oops!... pops out a baby.

Because all Americans feel they are entitled to sue the world, this family wants to sue the hospital for negligence (to pay for the baby's ongoing medical care - she suffered brain damage from the incident). Have I mentioned that the mother was fully aware of the fact that she had missed her menstral cycle for over eight months? Did I also mention that the woman's lab reports showed traces of cocaine? But, oh yes... the hospital was the negligent party here!

I especially love the last line in the article, "This woman doesn't know she is pregnant, but somebody else should." Seriously!

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