October 5, 2008

Party Foul

Last night's homecoming dance at Maine South was cut short becuase of a bomb threat. You can read the full article here, which I find disturbing on so many levels. While I completely understand and respect why the authorities must take each threat seriously and respond accordingly, I think it completely sucks for all the students in attendance.

I remember my own excitement around homecoming dance -especially my freshman year. I remember the anticipation of my first real date, the weeks spent searching for that perfect dress and coordinating accessories, the hours spent coordinating plans (transportation, dinner, flowers, hair and nail appointments, pictures, etc.).

I can't even imagine how disappointed these students must have felt when their dance was cancelled less that an hour into the evening. All that hype, all that excitement... cut short. And why? I am willing to bet that the threat came from a selfish teen who wasn't invited/permitted to attend the dance and decided to take it upon himself/herself to ruin everyone's party.

I hope the police are able to identify the caller and that he/she is forced to pay for the losses (hair, nails, limos, etc.). Seriously!

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