November 30, 2008

A Budget-Friendly Holiday

Each year, my mom, sister and I get together with my cousin, Sara, and her two kids to make Christmas cookies. It's always such a fun day filled laughter as we try new recipes and prepare sampler plates for friends and loved ones. The kids typically keep busy cutting and decorating sugar cookies (not to mention eating cookie dough), and my sister (the culinary artist in the family) takes the lead on the more elaborate cookies.

This year, though, my mom suggested we skip cookie day because of busy schedules (our cookie day can easily turn into a cookie weekend) and efforts to be budget-conscious. My sister and I were immediately appalled at this suggestion, but it's not because we'll miss the cookies. Sure, we enjoy eating and sharing our creations, but what we'd really miss is that time spent with our family.

I saw this idea on Oprah this past week, and I think it might be just the perfect alternative to our cookie day this year. It's such a sweet idea for the holidays (pun intended) and simple enough for the kids to help!

How cute is this Hot Chocolate Cone?!

The process is simple. Start with a plastic piping bag, fill it with your favorite cocoa mix, add a generous amount of miniature marshmallows, top with chocolate chips and secure the bag with ribbon. I plan to attach a candy cane or two and a personalized note for some added flair.

What budget-friendly gifts do you plan to share this year?

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  1. I love this idea. I think it'd be great to make for some neighbors and teachers at school. Thanks for the idea. And I agree what a budget friendly gift! :)