November 2, 2008

Halloween Bash 2008

Corey and I had a blast at my co-worker's annual Halloween Bash last night! We went as Giggles the Clown and Joe the Plumber (He refused to be a clown with me, and I was too in love with this costume to be anything else. I just couldn't resist that hoop hemline!)

"Joe" was the proud winner of the Guess-How-Many-Kernals-Are-In-The-Martini-Shaker Contest! Even though he won, I decided to keep his prize (the super cute shaker) because I filled out his guess card for him (aren't I nice?). I promse I'll use it with him! :)

He got a little frisky with his plunger. Apparently, Wrigley didn't appreciate the joke!

My co-worker, Jenny, came as a beautiful Tinkerbell, which is a PERFECT costume for her!

Elaine, our gracious host, dressed as a sexy vampire! Her husband, Josh, who went above and beyond in decorating the house (inside and out), dressed as Hulk Hogan (He's not wearing his wig in this picture).

My co-worker, Ed, won best costume (I didn't get a picture) for his Captain Crunch costume made by his wife, who came as lucky Charms. I also loved a couple dressed as a cow and milkmaid (the cow shot water from his utter... hilarious!). Ho White and the Seven Horny Dwarfs were also favorites of the group.

What was your favorite costume this year?

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