November 19, 2008

Sharpie Heaven

While chatting with some students during some down time the other week, I happened to mention my love of sharpie markers. As it turns out, the father of one of my students holds a rather prominent position within the company, and said student promised a box of writing tools in the days to follow. While these types of promises flow freely in my classroom they typically lack follow through, so I try not to get my hopes up!

I am pleased to announce that both Christmas and my birthday came early this year, my friends! Last Friday to be exact. That was the day that my wonderful, thoughtful student came to school carrying a rather large box of these (among many others) wonderful goodies:

I am living in Sharpie heaven! What a generous gift! And I have to tell you that grading papers us much more exciting with a pack of retractable, ultra fine point sharpies by your side!

Inspired by my new tools, I decided to spend my weekend creating holiday cards. I've never even sent cards before, so this is a big step for me. A quick trip to JoAnn's for more scrapbook paper left me fully prepared for hours of crafting entertainment. What fun I had!
A father of another student makes leg lamps for a living. Yes, like the leg lamp in A Christmas Story. I'm truly hoping this student makes good on his promise as well!


  1. You keep laying hints for your students and you never know what you'll wind up with. Gotta love parents with connections :)

  2. i tell my students all kinds of crazy things. my students love to suck up, and i have quite a few well-connected wealthy (read: filthy, stinking rich) students. we've gotten to meet the local baseball team, super discounted and free resort stays... amazing.

    and yes. i was telling you. but i hid your comments because i haven't made a formal announcement. there was a little risk for awhile because of a bad kidney infection i had, but we got the good news yesterday that the risk is gone.