November 30, 2008

She's Back!

I cannot contain this any longer. I refuse to hide my true feelings. I will not be afraid of what the haters will say. I'm going to declare it proudly for all to hear, "I am a Britney fan!" Whew! That's much better!

When Britney Spears became a star, I was in high school. In fact, Britney and I are the same age, which no doubt added to her appeal. Whether or not you like her now, you have to admit that she was an amazing entertainer. I didn't even care that she wasn't actually singing her songs because she was an incredible performer - the costumes, the lights, the dancing - she was great to watch!

OK, OK! I know we cannot ignore the train wreck that was Britney over the last few years. She certainly made some terrible, life-altering decisions, but I felt bad for her. She didn't have the support system that she needed to keep her grounded. I don't think that anyone around her truly had her best interest at heart, and the result was devastating.

All along, though, I have been secretly holding out hope for her, and I can tell you now that I am cautiously optimistic over her recent comeback. Her new single, "Womanizer" is actually a fun, catchy song. And check out her latest magazine cover shot - she looks amazing!

I hope this is truly a new beginning for Britney. Though her star may not rise as quickly or high as it did in the past, I hope that she is able to stay on this new path and to find happiness within herself.

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