December 28, 2008

Hostess with the Mostest!

This was my first year hosting Christmas. It was not planned, but when my poor mother came down with food poisoning, I had no choice but to step up to the plate. The good news was that I had been a part of the whole preparation process, so I knew what to expect. Mom and I had already done all of the grocery shopping and decorating in the days prior, so when she announced her plan to remain in bed all day, I was able to continue with the plans (and take care of my sick mother).

We decided on an appetizer theme for this year's menu rather than a traditional Christmas dinner. We served chicken fingers, meatballs, meat and cheese platters, shrimp, veggies and dip, pizza bites and so much more... we had plenty of food to feed a small army. Even after 16 people made their rounds (and I do mean rounds), we had plenty of leftovers!

With some assistance (my sister came early to help with the last minute items and my dad helped me clean), I was able to pull off the evening without a hitch. I only wish I had remembered to document the day with some pictures!

It was an exhausting yet wonderful day - I hope yours was just as great!

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  1. yum! the menu sounds soo good! I wish I could have a doggy bag of the leftovers.