December 11, 2008

The Plan

About a month ago, a friend of mine celebrated her 28th birthday. I saw this declaration on her webpage, to which I replied, "She can't be 28! She's only a year older than me!" At that, my wonderful boyfriend reminded me that I will be turning 27 in a few short months.

I know that some people think I am crazy when I admit my emotional response to the realization that I am much closer to 30 than I cared to remember. You see, I had this mental list of all the things I wanted to accomplish by the time I reached that milestone. And none of these things are done!

My mom has always said that 30 is the age when a person truly becomes an adult - when people stop thinking of you as young or inexperienced in life. By my 30th birthday, I planned to be happily married to the man of my dreams with 2-3 children, a perfect home and the perfect job. Lofty dreams, I know, but I think that the overall hope was for stability and happiness.

In reality, I am unmarried, childless, living with my parents, and just starting my second career. But you know... I'm actually pretty happy with my life. Maybe it's time for a New Plan!


  1. sometimes life has a plan very different than our own... mine was to be working in some international non-profit, globe-trotting and living the high life... dating exotic men, eating exotic food. you know. and here i am, married with a baby, a school (who knew) and sick and tired of carribean food! and happy happy about it :)

  2. Hey 30 is the new 20!
    My life didn't turn out as I had planned either.
    Like you I was supposed to "stay" married at 23, have a baby by 25, and would be celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary this year. Instead I re-married at 30, had a baby at 32, and am celebrating 3 years of wedded bliss!
    Crazy how life turns out, huh?