December 11, 2008

Quality Time

I was always a very conscientious student, but sometimes I had difficulty getting to class on time (to say that I was a social butterfly would be an extreme understatement). This was especially true for my German class. You see, Frau's classroom was the classroom furthest away from the main building, and sometimes I was simply unable to traverse the hallways before the bell. I honestly think this was the only class for which I was ever tardy.

Frau had a 3 tardy policy. Our first two were freebies, but after that, we were assigned "quality time." Yes, these were truly detentions, but there was something about spending "quality time" with our dear German teacher that was much less threatening.

As a teacher, I think I'm truly starting to understand the value of one-on-one time with my students. I already mentioned one student, in particular, but I have seen many positive changes after giving several students some "quality time." Sometimes, this means I need to pull a child after class and simply ask, "What's going on?" Sometimes they just need someone to care.

These are the moments I am reminded how much I love my job!

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