December 19, 2008

A Trip to the Theatre

Each year, the entire seventh grade takes a fieldtrip to see A Christmas Carol after reading the novel. This was a highly anticipated day for our kids - they get to dress in their Sunday best, watch a wonderful stage production, and have lunch on the town. What more could a twelve-year-old want? We make it very clear to our students that a trip to the theatre is quite different than an afternoon at the movies. We talk about proper etiquette and attire for such an occasion (read: no jeans allowed). Well, this year, our students went above and beyond our expectations. The girls slept with curlers in their hair, painted their nails in shimmery Christmas colors, and donned their best dresses and high heels. The boys combed their hair (this is a feat for many), dusted off their dress shoes (or borrowed from a brother or father), and dressed in their best shirts and ties. Some even wore suits for the occasion. It looked like a middle school prom!

After a lengthy bus ride (thank you Chicago winters) our little ladies and gentlemen enjoyed a wonderful morning at the theatre followed by a leisurely lunch at Portillo’s. They were very well-behaved and even received two compliments from other patrons at the restaurant. Once again, I was a very proud teacher!

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