December 15, 2008

What a Dismal Day!

If you've ever read Jack London's "To Build a Fire", you might be able to get a sense of how bitterly cold it was today in Chicago. I know that Illinois isn't exactly located in the middle of an arctic tundra, but this was as close to that feeling as I ever want to feel!

I first knew it would be a rough morning when I awoke at 3:00 frigid in my bedroom. I realized immediately (from the sound of the blasting air) that my bedroom window was not locked shut, thus leaving my room more-than-comfortably exposed to the cold. I have a closet full of extra blankets, but it was even too cold to emerge from my covers to gather a down comforter. Instead, I covered my trembling body with extra pillows and willed myself back to sleep.

I woke up extra early for the day. Knowing that the roads and my car would likely be full of ice, I allowed myself plenty of time for an extended commute. However... I did not anticipate that after 25 minutes of pre-heating my car (thank you again, C for my wonderful remote starter!), my windows would still be covered in layers of ice. And my ice scraper did not help at all! I literally drove to school with no view out my rear window (even after my 50 minute commute) and only one of my windshield-washer-fluid-projector-thingies working (and of course, it was the the one on the passenger side that worked). Did I mention that it took me 15 minutes to drive 3 miles? I think I knew people in high school that could run faster than that!

How much longer until Spring break????

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