January 10, 2009

More Life Lessons

Yesterday, a student decided to accept a dare to lick the flagpole before school. Of course, his tongue got stuck, and the nurse had to come to his rescue.

All of my students came in laughing and talking about the kid who was stupid enough to do this. Of course, it was one of my students. When I confronted him later in the day, he explained that he has not yet seen A Christmas Story.

Clearly, I have failed as a teacher.

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  1. it's funny you mention race in the states. i don't deny that it exists, and that it's a strong and nasty detriment to the entire american society's forward motion, but now that i've lived out of the country and have traveled fairly extensively in latinamerica i see that the privilege you mention isn't white privilege so much as american privilege. despite the horrors of slavery, it's time to realize that americans are americans and no matter the color of our skin we have it better than people in most other lands. harsh? no i don't think so. i spent a lot of time angry about the collective past of my people and forgetting that others had it and still have it much worse. americans suffer from a collective guilt - the white people allowing minorities of all shades to slip further and further into depression and recession because "oh, the past, we were so bad to them" and the minorities play off that same guilt as an excuse to not work at bettering their situation. racist? you might think so, but i've seen almost allof my uncles and many of my male cousins slip into alcoholism and depression using the very same excuses. it's rampant. once WE ALL recognize that we were shitty to each other and need to apologize and work together to level the field, we're goin to stay where we are.