January 10, 2009

You Decide: Cute or Creepy?

The picture below is not of a baby. It's a reborn. What's a reborn, you ask? Reborns are incredibly (creepy?) lifelike baby dolls that are purchased for adult women for hundreds to thousands of dollars. These women care for these dolls as they would real babies - buying them clothing, decorating nurseries complete with changing tables and cribs, throwing birthday parties, walking them in the parks, etc.

I don't typically think dolls are creepy. I was known to have a few of my own when I was a child. But there is something about a grown woman caring for a piece of plastic as if it were real that really sends chills up my spine. I'm not a psychologist, but I am willing to bet these women are trying to fill some void in their lives. Sure... there are plenty of "hobbies" that are much more harmful, but I just don't think this can be healthy.


  1. Umm the other moms in my playgroup and I were just discussing this (and the very odd 20/20 episode that it was discussed on, did you see that?! Umm, wow!)
    ANyhow it's CREEPY!!! Can't even imagine. And absolutely can't imagine spending that kind of $$ on a DOLL!!! And the time. EWWW.

  2. I did see that 20/20 episode. That was the first time I heard about these things. I just think it's sad that these women are choosing "relationships" with dolls over people. And I was shocked to see husbands going along with it!