February 24, 2009

Project Linus

Anyone who's followed the Peanuts comic should be familiar with Charlie Brown's blanket-toting friend, Linus. Project Linus, is an organization dedicated to their mission of providing blankets to ill and traumatized babies and children, and our January service project was to create blankets by following a simple, no-sew pattern.
Our students were happy to give up their lunch hours to complete their blankets and donate to this wonderful cause. As a blankie-toting child myself, I completely understand the emotional comfort a child can feel from a piece of fabric. It might sound silly, but I think can be so comforting to suffering children to know that strangers care so much to take the time to make a personal gift for them. I was so pleased to be able to stuff my car full of soft, warm and colorful blankets to donate to the charity. This is such an easy (truly - my co-workers 2 and 5 year-old children helped) way to impact someone in need.

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