February 24, 2009

Small Things

I always say it's the small things in life that give the most pleasure, and this is no exception.

I recently took up scrapbooking after my friend Katie invited me to spend a day at Archiver's together. I haven't had a true hobby in years, and I love that I now have "something" fun to do whenever I desire. I can do it alone at home or in a social setting - both are fun!

After spending a few sessions around some serious croppers, I felt like such an amateur because I was storing all of my supplies in a giant, plastic pencil case. This weekend, however, I saw that Michael's was having a sale on scrapbooking organizers, and I purchased this mini tote for 40% off:
I love this tote (though mine is zebra striped)! It holds much more than my pencil case, and I can actually see everything. I love all the little compartments because everything has a place (this is the organizer in me).

Isn't it fun how a new purchase like this can re-energize you? I spent hours on the floor Sunday night scrapbooking while listening to the Oscars. I was so fixated on my task that I didn't realize how uncomfortable I was until I tried to stand upon finishing! Thank God for massage chairs!


  1. i LOVE archivers. in fact, i've been planning a trip to chicago to visit my aunt and uncle (and of course friends) and, um, spend A WHOLE DAY AT ARCHIVERS. lisa (my aunt) and i used to go crazy there when i was at NP. and now we're both so sad to not have a buddy. she keeps me up to my ears in materials, but it's not the same
    and i'm so far behind in my scrapping it's embarassing. but it's definitely on my list of things to do. SOON.

  2. I have the exact same tote. In fact, it fits right inside my scrapbooking rolling cart. Ironically, I don't use either tool for scrapbooking, but for cooking. The tote is perfect for, well, TOTING my spice jars, and the cart fits my bowls, measuring cups, and miscellaneous cooking supplies that I take with me to clients' homes. So multi-functional!