March 31, 2009

Domestic Diva

Mmmmm... you smell that?

The aromas drifting through the house are making me forget all about the dreary weather outside my window. It all started with some overly-ripe bananas that were sitting on the kitchen counter just screaming to be made into banana bread muffins. The recipe is simple and fast, so those were done in a jiffy.

And since I was already making a mess of the baking cabinet, I decided to flip through a recipe book to see what else I could make. As I searched, I remembered a jar of pumpkin pie filling I bought last fall that was still sitting in the pantry and decided to try a recipe for pumpkin pie dessert squares. I had to modify the recipe a bit (I had pumpkin pie filling rather than canned pumpkin), but I'm hoping they turn out as yummy as they sound. If the smell is any indication, I think this was a success!

This was my effort to be productive today as I enjoy spring break. Yes, I realize those papers will not grade themselves, but this is really so much more rewarding - at least in the short term.

**** Update****

The pumpkin pie dessert squares taste better than they smell. With a sweet, crunchy top and a moist, delicious center, this may be my new favorite treat! Here's a picture of the final product:

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