March 10, 2009

Facebook Distress

I am house-sitting this week for my mentor while she is in Disney World with her grandson. It's not a bad gig - she has two well-behaved dogs that I have to feed and let outside a few times a day. I really can't complain about anything... except for the fact that she didn't know the password to get on her wirless internet, so I've been without my typical mindless entertainment for days.

Of course, I can still check my e-mail (and blogger) from school, but I can't get on Facebook because of the stupid firewall. Normally this wouldn't be much of a concern, but I feel terrible not being able to respond to the well-wishes of my friends and family for my birthday.

Is it extremely pathetic that I am going out of my way to go home after school today so I can respond to my Facebook friends in a timely fashion????

OK... I didn't really need to ask that. I know it is.... but I'm doing it anyway! Ha! Blame it on good manners! :)

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