March 26, 2009

Olympic Day

Each year, my team puts together the "Olympic Games" where students compete in a battle of the minds. This year, we represented the winter Olympic games in speed skate spelling, math moguls, science snowboarding, giant slalom geography, and pop culture curling. Each teacher on our team drafts a team for the big day. Each team then creates a country name, history, national anthem, flag and motto to present at the opening ceremonies. Here's what my team came up with:

Team name: Lichthuania

History: Britney & Paris got into another brawl over who would get the nomination for worst supporting actress at the 2005 Razzie awards. When Paris won, the upset Britney decided to escape the U.S.A. to relieve some stress. Before her plane reached Moscow it broke down and Britney crash landed into an unknown country. Britney thought that they had landed in Lithuania but when she asked where she was all she got was, “licht”. When she asked if they took American dollars all she heard in reply was, “fuss”. She took out her laptop and typed in “licht-fuss” she found a teacher that was fun yet stern with her students. Britney decided that this person should be the leader of the new country of Lichthuania.

Anthem: I don't have the lyrics on my computer, but it was to the tune of "Circus" by Britney Spears (Are you seeing the theme here? My students love to mock my love of Britney.)

Motto: "Boosting Brains One Child At A Time" (I give my students candy, called Brain Boosters, when they do something above and beyond in the classroom... they love this!)

Flag: See picture below - we were the mean, green team!

My team was awarded with an overall bronze medal (out of 4 teams), but we did win the gold in science (which students voted the hardest test of all). As teachers, it was great for us to give our students opportunities to shine in their different areas of strength. Everyone had a chance to "be on top" during this day of fun! Go Lichthuania!

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