March 10, 2009


If I had a little girl, the book I would read her each night before bed is Pinkalicious by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann. It is absolutely the most adorable book about a girl who eats so many pink cupcakes that her skin and hair actually turn pink (can you imagine how cute that would be?!)

I first came across this book while babysitting Hannah, the daughter of my co-worker Elaine, and was instantly in love. Pinkalicious is a girl after my own heart! Seriously... what's better than a cupcake? And a pink one at that!

Today is my birthday. It's only 9:00 AM and I am already overwhelmed at the number of e-mails, facebook comments, and text messages and voicemails from my friends and family. I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful, caring people in my life!

When I walked into my classroom this morning, I was tickled pink (pun intended) to find a goodie bag on my desk from my team. My co-worker, MariAnn, made sure that I was the "Birthday Princess" with one of those wiggly antennae headbands and birthday ribbons to pin to my jacket. She included a light-up "diamond" ring, candy, a bedazzled eye shadow "phone" and a Hannah Montana singing pen (she looked for Britney but none were available). Seriously... does she know me well or what?!

Best of all, Elaine surprised me with my very own Pinkalicious cupcakes. What a perfect treat to celebrate my day! I am SO looking forward to diving into those during our team meeting today!

So far, this has been a TERRIFIC birthday!

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