March 28, 2009

What's in Your Bag?

I love purses. I think they are the perfect accessory because they "fit" everyone (contrary to popular belief, this theory does not apply to shoes... at least not when you have wide feet and high arches) and come in an array of colors and styles.

A few years ago, my mom bought me my very own Coach purse, which I absolutely adore. A simple, black, leather Coach is a timeless accessory to any wardrobe. The problem is that I haven't used mine in quite some time because I simply carry too much stuff. Each time I think about switching back to my Coach, I tell myself there is simply no room for everything.

Which got me questioning if I actually need everything I carry. As I empty my purse, deciding what to keep and toss, I thought it might be interesting (and possibly embarrassing) to list its contents here...
  • wallet (loaded with far too many gift cards that I always forget to use) - Keep it!
  • car keys - Keep it!
  • school id & key - Keep it!
  • digital camera - Keep it!
  • camera battery charger - Lose it!
  • 4 chapsticks - Keep it! (It's an obsession, but I'll compromise and keep 2)
  • 2 lipgloss (one is clear and one is tinted... I like options) - Keep it!
  • lipstick (that I never use) - Lose it!
  • face powder (that I also never use) - Lose it!
  • pen - Keep it!
  • mascara (I think I've used this once) - Lose it!
  • mints - Keep it!
  • eyeglasses with case & cleaner (I never wear them) - Lose it!
  • Advil bottle - Keep it!
  • collapsible hairbrush & mirror - Lose it!
  • Tide-To-Go (this is essential) - Keep it!
  • thank you card - Lose it!
  • 2 checks - Keep it... but in the bank!
  • tanning lotion & eye goggles - Lose it!
I am convinced that carrying a larger purse results in my carrying more simply because I have the room. I am excited about losing some of these contents (particularly the bulky items) and downsizing to my beloved Coach for a while. :)

What about you? What's in your purse? Do you carry more than necessary too?


  1. OIGH! Carrying a purse has become all the more complicated since owning a business. I've become attached to my Vera Bradley Hipster because I can keep it slung across my hip while shopping at up to three grocery stores per day, stocked with my planner, grocery list, recipes, deposit slips for payments, and coin purse, with just enough room for chapstick and my chef's cap. My rotation of "for-fun" purses, though? I try to clean them out immediately upon use, making sure to leave a - er, feminine hygiene product, two quarters (for emergency meter money), some business cards, and a pen in each so I'm never caught without essentials. ;)

  2. Wow, I've heard of a traveling office, but that's usually referring to a car, not a purse! Isn't it interesting how the "essentials" vary person to person?

  3. Don't even get me started on my traveling office vis-a-vis my car. You will inevitably find in the trunk: catering platters, a corkscrew rolling around aimlessly, three bottles of wine in the event of needing an impromptu client gift, pots, pans - shall I go on? Hubs jokes that I could cook out of the trunk...may not be such a joke.

  4. The chapstick made me laugh! I recently cleaned out all (about 5) my purses and found a total of 15 chapsticks/lipglosses. Talk about addiction!!