May 5, 2009

Things Students Say

My classroom sometimes has a foul odor. You're probably not surprised because you know, by now, that I work with adolescents and the warmer weather certainly equals the release of body odor, but that's not the type of stench I'm talking about.

One day, I had my studyhall students turning my classroom upside down looking for the source of this odor. We looked inside the podium, in the garbage cans, on the bookshelf, in every drawer, under every pillow... we looked everywhere... to no avail.

One of my favorite students made a frustrated plea to the class, "Seriously, guys! Whoever did it, go wipe your butt!" I literally had tears rolling down my face as we burst into laughter. This boy's mom runs at at-home daycare where "accidents" are really commonplace. Not so much for the rest of us - but we did enjoy a good laugh!

In case you were wondering, no one volunteered to visit the bathroom to take care of any mess. It's too bad because the stench still lingers on some days (like today). Ew!

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