June 23, 2009


I knew it was coming. It wasn't a surprise. And yet... my heart is still sad for the Gosselins. (In case you've been living under a rock, Kate Gosselin has officially filed for divorce from her husband, Jon after 9 years of marriage.)

I can only imagine the type of chaos that would ensue in any family that size. For someone who has an innate need for control (which isn't necessarily a bad thing... hello... look at me!), I think Kate kicked it into overdrive in an attempt to maintain some order for her family.

I think their problems started when Kate forgot that Jon was her partner. Rather than treating him as an equal, she barked orders at him and berated him. The impression I got from watching their interviews is that Jon has had enough and is not willing to work on fixing the relationship. He just wants out.

I'm proud of Jon for finally finding his voice in his relationship. I just wish he would give himself a chance to become an equal with Kate. Instead, he's got one foot out the door and has expressed his excitement about what the future will hold.

My heart is broken for the kids.

And for me... I love that show!


  1. For people who say that everything they do is for their kids, this is devastating news. Not only are they breaking their marriage vows but they are doing it on TV! I am sad for them. I am irritated with them and the network for even beginning to think something like this is appropriate for television.

  2. I have to admit that I was disappointed in TLC for hyping this up so much. It just shows that they, too, are all about the ratings - even at the expense of people.