June 16, 2009

Summer's End

Back in January, when I wasn't confident that I'd have a job for next year, I accepted an offer to teach summer school again through the College of DuPage. This is my third summer teaching in the youth education program, but this summer, I'm just not feeling it.

All I really wanted was a summer of relaxation and time to perfect my lesson plans for next year. I'm sorry, but a week of vacation does little to quench that desire.

And yet, I wake early each morning and try my hardest to find the motivation to get me through the four hours I spend teaching English 9? Oh, yes... I get to work with the freshmen. Do you remember how much fun you were back then? And I'm working with the ones that failed this class the first (and second) time around. I tell you, it's like pulling teeth to get these kids to participate (or even care)!

Today was day 2, and I'm already counting down to the end of this semester (while I still hope and pray that second semester gets cancelled).

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  1. i had a class last night - granted, it was only one hour with two of the best and most hilarious guys ever - and i just couldn't help but feel like i shouldn't teach at all because it's SUMMER (and not even because i just had a baby). summer is for playing and going to the beach. i start back full time in july and am so not looking forward to it. (full time summer for me is 2 hours a day)