July 6, 2009

Bulletin Board Search

I don't think I ever updated my blog to say that I do have my own classroom next year! And I was lucky enough to inherit a classroom full of furniture and supplies from a retiring teacher, which was really been a blessing (she left me bookshelves full of novels... this is a huge help!).

I've been brainstorming the many ways I can arrange my new classroom and looking for ways to make my room functional yet attractive. Particularly, I've been trying to find some interactive bulletin board ideas because I have plenty of space in my new room.

I often refer to middle school as "the forgotten years" because in education, it seems like we are often overlooked (or ignored). There are plenty of resources for elementary and secondary teachers and classrooms, but it's not easy to find things that are relevant for this age group.

My bulletin board search is only proving my theory. I'm having the hardest time finding relevant, attractive, interactive bulletin boards that are geared toward my students. I'm even willing to make my own, but I was hoping to at least find some inspiration online.

Here's the part where I appeal to you, my readers. Does anyone know of any websites I can use as a resource? Do any of you have any ideas of your own for a 7th grade language arts classroom? Thank you in advance!

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