July 10, 2009

Car Thieves on the Loose

A few weeks ago, I walked to the driveway, as I do every morning, and opened the door to my car. As soon as I sat down, though, I realized something was different. The entire contents of my glove compartment and armrest were spilled onto the passenger seat.

"Hmmm," I thought, "That's weird."

I immediately called my mom (who was already at work) and asked if she had been looking for anything in my car. I assumed she had been looking for my tanning lotion or something along those lines. At I dialed her number, I was a bit miffed that she would have such disregard for my things. If you need something, that's fine, but at least clean up after yourself!

"It wasn't me," she explained, "I haven't been in your car at all."

Next, I called my dad, thinking that he must have been looking for my insurance card or something along those lines. He's not exactly the cleanest person in the world, so it would be just like him to leave things on the seat once he found what he needed.


And then it hit me: Someone broke into my car!

Now, when I say, "broke into," I really mean "opened the door without my permission" because the doors were unlocked. I know... I know. They're locked now, I promise.

The weirdest part, though, was that I've still not been able to identify anything as missing. My navigation system and ipod were both in the house. My insurance and registration cards were both on the seat. My I-pass was firmly in place on my windshield. Nothing was missing!

Which leads me to ask, "What kind of criminal goes through all that trouble and takes nothing?"

It happened to my sister the week following while she was out of town with her husband. This time, though, they did take her tanning lotion and an old makeup bag full of free samples.

And just yesterday, it happened to a friend of mine who lives about 30 minutes away, which leads me to wonder if this is the same criminal or just the new crime.

Either way, my doors are safely locked!

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