July 23, 2009

I Love Chili's

Have you ever unintentionally ended up at a expensive restaurant wondering what in the world you can order off of an over-priced menu?

That happened to me last night. I met up with my friend Martha and her fiance, Ryan, for some wedding shopping and dinner. Both Ryan and I wanted Chili's for dinner (seriously... when do I not? I love Chili's! They have the best salsa in the world! Seriously! I wish I could make it myself.), but Martha was adamant that we needed to go someplace new. So, Ryan and I lost, and we ended up at an upscale Mexican restaurant, which shall remain nameless, instead (who knew such a thing existed?).

It wasn't until after ordering drinks (thank God I only ordered an iced tea) and diving into the complimentary chips and salsa (which didn't at all compete with my beloved Chili's) that we opened the menu to reveal the prices. There was only one salad on the menu, and even that was $13.00! Really??? Vegetarian quesedillas were $17.00! Someone needs to remind them that quesedillas are only tortillas and cheese.

Martha immediately apologized and said we could leave, but it would have been rude to do so at that point. So, I found the cheapest item on the menu (tacos) and told myself I could make it work. The worst part about it all was that it wasn't even good. I hate to admit this, but Taco Bell has yummier tacos, and those are less than a dollar!

For our next dinner date, we're going back to Chili's whether Martha likes it or not!

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