July 12, 2009

Poor Pepper!

Remember the same-sex penguin couple at the San Francisco Zoo? They hooked up back in 2003 and have nested together since. At one point, the pair even took care of an egg together. This couple was the notorious for adding fuel to the nature versus nurture fire when it comes to homosexuality. If two male penguins can find love and raise (hatch) a baby together, why can't humans, right?

Well, the word on the street is that Harry and Pepper are no longer together. Sad, right?

It all started when a female penguin, Linda, lost her companion and has "befriended" Harry. Pepper, as you can imagine, was not very pleased with the new company and reacted pretty violently, causing all three penguins to be separated. (I swear, I'm not making this up!) I mean, can you really blame him? Just who does Linda think she is coming between a happy couple?

Since the three have been reunited, Harry and Linda have nested together, leaving poor Pepper all alone. The zoo keepers say all is well, but Pepper is surely heartbroken over his loss. And then to be forced to watch Harry strut around with Linda each day... how devastating!

Harry, where is your loyalty???

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