July 2, 2009


Forgive me for not updating you on Kenny's progress sooner...

After days of waiting for the swelling to subside, Kenny finally had his surgery on Monday. The doctors fixed his jaw and teeth and added a GI tube so he can get his nutrients. He won't be chewing any food for the next 8 weeks, but the doctors would like him to swallow some liquids before they release him from the hospital.

Kenny's in a lot of pain, which is to be expected, but he should make a full recovery (thank God!). He's been up and walking around a little bit this week and learning how to take care of his tube and dressings. He was a very lucky young man. The bullet actually went in beneath his jaw and came out his mouth. An inch or two in the wrong direction, and this could have been a very different update.

Now, our prayers are focused on Corey's mom and sister, who have really taken on the brunt of the responsibility for caring for him. They've been rotating nights with him in the hospital, which I know is taking a toll on them. When Kenny leaves the hospital, they will continue to care for him. Our primary concern is that they continue to take care of themselves as well because this is a very stressful situation.

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