August 26, 2009

On Day One

On the first day of school (one week ago), my team was informed about a student that was to be on a strict supervision schedule. We were told from our principal that this child must never be out of our sight; someone has to be assigned to him from the moment he arrives at school until the moment he leaves.

We met as a team to devise a plan and agreed upon who would take him from one class to the next and how to best "hand him off" to another staff member while still being inconspicuous. I'm not going to lie, there was definitely some hesitation in the group about this immense responsibility. None of us had ever dealt with an issue like this before, and there was some concern about being able to watch him so closely while also trying to monitor the rest of our students. Nevertheless, we knew we had to move forward and try our best.

I have this student in two of my classes back to back. When the bell rang for the passing period between those classes, the student exited my room (with his classmates) and snaked his way through the crowded halls to find his friends for a few moments of socializing.

Try as I did, I lost the one kid I'm not supposed to lose on the first day of school!!!

What a great start to the year!

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