September 14, 2009

Out of Control

Dear Kanye,

What's wrong with you? Seriously! What in the world possessed you to take the stage and spotlight away from someone?

News Flash: Your opinion is not the only one that matters. Clearly, your opinion is not in line with the masses... because Taylor Swift won that award fair and square!

I hate that you have caused me to be embarrassed to admit that I'm a fan of your music. In the past, I've been able to shake my head and laugh off your crazy antics. After all, your previous trades haven't harmed anyone but yourself. You looked like a fool, but I could still add, "but he's a great artist."

This time, though, you have crossed the line. It's one thing to be laughably egotistical, but it's quite another to allow your inflated sense of self stand in the way of others. Not only have you embarrassed yourself, but you have embarrassed Beyonce (who made it very clear that she did not want to be associated with you at all), Chicago (quit giving us a bad name), and your fans (including those of us who followed you before you were mainstream).

Since you're such a huge fan of hers, maybe you could take a lesson from Beyonce. She showed more class in two minutes last night than we've ever seen from you. Take notes!


  1. agreed! Did you watch when he came on Jay Leno - what did you think?

  2. I saw it on YouTube. It's honestly hard to tell if he's being sincere or if he just knows he needs to put his foot in his mouth to stay out of trouble. Asking about his mom made for a great moment though.