September 8, 2009

Sweet Gift

How scrumptious does this look?

Let me tell you... it's pretty much the yummiest cupcake I've ever had in my life. It comes from Sweet Mandy B's in Chicago (Lincoln Park for all you Chi town folk). Today was my first encounter with a tasty treat from SMB, and it certainly lived up to the hype.

My friend and coworker, Jenny, has talked about this place as long as I've known her. She claims she needs a 12-Step Program for her addiction to those sweets, and I can completely understand why.

Jenny, who knows how much I adore cupcakes, picked a pink one up for me while she was there this weekend. She told me via Facebook, and I could hardly wait until today! If you follow my blog, you'll certainly remember an earlier post when I declared my love for these babies!

(P.S. Have I ever mentioned how much I love presents?)

Let me tell you. Sweet Mandy B's does not disappoint. It was so moist (even after sitting on my desk all morning... I was saving it for lunch... and practically drooling over it all morning) and vanilla-y (I decided today that vanilly is a word... go with it)... I was savoring the taste well after lunch was over.

Seriously... if you ever need a date to SMB, I'm your girl!!
Thanks again, Jenny, for the thoughtful surprise! I loooooved it!


  1. I <3 Sweet Mandy's! Have you tried Swirlz - that place is awesome too! Both places have great red velvet cupcake.