November 1, 2009


Corey and I are going to a Halloween party next weekend, so it never crossed my mind to prepare a costume for this weekend. While I was getting ready for date night on Saturday, it crossed my mind to surprise him with a costume. I had one thing in mind, and I knew he'd love it because he wouldn't have to dress up to make this idea work.

So I hurried over to my jewelry box. Yes, my jewelry box.

Buried in the bottom of that box is a ring. By no stretch of the imagination would anyone call this ring special. In fact, I received this ring in a box of "junk jewelry" from a friend who was a designer at Claire's.

So why would I choose this ring, you ask? Because the brilliant cubic zirconium is the perfect resemblance of an engagement ring. Yes, we could be the engaged couple!

When I presented my idea to my mother, she laughed heartily. My brother warned, "It's not April Fools Day," which only made this idea even more hilarious. I just hoped Corey would also find my suggestion funny and not run for the hills.

Luckily for me, my man has a great sense of humor! :)

We're still undecided about our costumes for next weekend. I told him that if he can't decide on one of the suggestions I emailed him, we'd be going as the engaged couple again. Maybe that will motivate him to pick something!