December 16, 2009

What's Going On Here?

Tonight, I came home from work feeling more exhausted than usual. There are only two days left until winter break, and the kids are out of control with excitement. Coupled with the fact that I am coming down with some sort of cold, I literally hit my wall somewhere around sixth period today (and we have nine periods in our day). It made for a very interesting afternoon.

I was hanging out in the basement talking on the phone when my brother, Scott, completely out of the blue, walks down the stairs and hands me a full box of pizza. If you knew my brother, you'd understand why this seemingly innocent action was completely mind-boggling for me.

"What's this?" I inquired.

"A peperoni pizza," he explained, "I got myself a cheese one and that one for you."

"Why?" I asked, skeptical of his good deed.

"Just because," he retorted.

"Are you sick? Is someone dying? Did you hit my car (again)?" I questioned.

"No!" he assured me. It was just a nice gesture for no reason at all.

"Uh.... thanks?" I responded, still not quite believing it was true.

Something is going on here, and I'm determined to get to the bottom of it! But in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy some yummy pizza from my baby brother!

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