January 22, 2010

Helping Haiti

Like many others, I was overwhelmed at the devastation in Haiti after last week's earthquake. I watched the investigative reporting on my favorite news shows half wanting to turn off the television because I couldn't stand to see the hurt and fear in people's eyes.

And then came the guilt.

How selfish of me to want to turn the channel. This is not an issue that should be ignored. It should be painful to watch. That is the very compassion that makes us want to step up and help.

But how can I help? What can I do?

I honestly thought about taking in a Haitian child (and even the thought of adopting is appealing), but if I'm honest, I'm really in no position to be taking on such a massive responsibility. Not to mention... I live with my parents.

I've prayed. A lot. But sometimes, that doesn't feel like enough. I wanted to do something.

I knew student council would be bombarded with requests, but Ed (my student council co-sponsor) and I were hesitant to take on another fundraiser right now because we are deep into the planning of our annual charity basketball game. This is a massive undertaking, so the thought of another activity right now was overwhelming.

Candy sales are always popular, but we do that all the time. (Not to mention, our Valentine's Day candy gram sale is already planned. And that money is already dedicated to purchasing items for the charity game.)

So, Ed and I pitched the idea to one of my classes yesterday to see what they thought would work. The very first suggestion turned out to be perfect: a staff versus students charity dodgeball game!

We immediately received support from our administrators, and the staff seems very eager to participate. There must be something about taking out aggression on the students that's appealing! The best part: it's completely free! We are using our school gym 3 mornings (one morning for each grade level. Students will pay $1 to come watch the game, and those that want to play on the student team will purchase 50 cent raffle tickets, which will be chosen on the morning of the game.

I am SO excited!

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