January 22, 2010

To the Parents

Dear Parents,

If your child's teacher writes (or emails) home to let you know about an altercation between your child and another student, please do not respond with, "What did the other kid do to make him do that?" or "Why isn't the other kid in trouble?"

1. Do not assume the other child did not also receive a reprimand.
2. The teacher cannot discuss other children with you.
3. Your child is responsible for his own actions. Regardless of provocation.
4. Stop making excuses for your child. You're not helping him.

One Frustrated Teacher

1 comment:

  1. Ugh parents, the most annoying part of teaching. Well, actually I've had some great parents, but some are very tough to deal with. "Not my perfect child! I'm sure he didn't throw a chair across the room!" "Why weren't you watching him when he cut his hair, you don't have any other children to worry about, do you?"