February 19, 2010

65 Red Roses

Eva Markvoort is a beautiful, 25 year-old woman suffering from cystic fibrosis. She is currently waiting for her second double-lung transplant, as her body is rejecting her first set.

If you have some time (and a giant box of tissues), I recommend you take a look through her online journal. It chronicles the past four years of her struggle with CF, including her last transplant and falling in love with the man that helped create a documentary about her life. It is truly inspirational.

While her lungs may be no good, her heart is pure gold, and I'm confident that, just as I was, you will be instantly captivated by both her story and her amazing spirit.

Thank you, Eva, for reminding me that my struggles are only temporary and that even in the most dire of situations, I can still love and be loved... and what else matters in life?

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