February 5, 2010

Which is It?

Recently, all of the tabloids have been reporting on Rachel Zoe's incredibly shrinking body. While I absolutely applaud the magazine for bringing attention to her obviously unhealthy frame and begging the question, "How thin is too thin?" I also cannot help but be incredibly frustrated by these same articles?


Because each weekly has profiled many of Zoe's former A-list clients as well. Their purpose was to show the "Zoe Effect" by splashing photos of these emaciated women when they were working with the stylist compared to their healthier figures today.

Sounds admirable right? You're probably thinking, as was I at first glance, that this is such a noble move for Hollywood. It's great that they're finally starting to spread a message that there is a such thing as too thin. And that people (women in particular, as they are typically the target audience) look best at a healthy weight with some curves.

But here's my problem...

One of the client photos in question was Jessica Simpson circa 2005, and I distinctly remember her receiving all kinda of praise for how great she looked when that photo originally surfaced. In fact, if my memory serves correct, this is when she was getting all sorts of accolades for spending hours in the gym and changing her diet to be in the "best shape of her life" so she could sport the famous Daisy Dukes for role in the upcoming film.

It really irks me that the tabloids can take one photo and say, "Wow! Doesn't she look divine?" (insert subliminal message to all women and young girls that this is the ideal, though unrealistic, body type we must achieve here) and then pull that exact same photo out of the archives later and scrutinize her for looking too frail.

Furthermore, the "after" photo the mags are using, which are intended to show a healthy Jessica post-Zoe influence, is from November 2009, just months after she has been plastered all over the media for being "too fat" and "letting herself go." (Not that my opinion matters, but I happen to think she looks great... I like her with the curves.)

Which is it? Is the before picture too thin or idea? How about the after picture? Is she too fat or healthy? I can't keep up!

Maybe I'm being to harsh. Maybe I should give the magazines the benefit of the doubt here and assume that these articles are meant to show that the societal idea of "beautiful" is changing.

Call me cynical, but somehow, I doubt that.

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  1. girl - i am so feeling this. i remember when jess simpson originally broke out she was so hot! because she was curvy and womanly.then all of a sudden she was too fat. then she got married and was considered sexy again, but then she got divorced and "oh my god she's fat" and then HOT because she wasted away to 10 pounds, then fat. I don't get it. it's insane.