March 24, 2010

For the Birds

There is a courtyard in the middle of our building, which happens to be the view from my classroom. It's actually pretty nice, since my other options are the parking lot or the field (full of PE activities and pretty cars driving by in the background... like I need anything else to compete for my students' attention!).

People can only enter said courtyard from a door inside the building. Birds, however... well... they fly. And they seem to have a knack for flying in and not being able to find their way back out.

For two weeks now, this stupid bird keeps flying into our windows. He immediately falls to the ground each time, but he's a persistent fella. (And yes... I assume he's male because men never ask for directions.)

All day long... thud, thud, thud.

And when he's not flying into my wall of windows, we can watch him across the courtyard flying into others. All. Day. Long.

As if my pre-spring break kiddos aren't distracted enough this time of year!

Oh, how I hope he finds his way out!

On a related note, this bird story reminds me of a story I once hear about why God sent Jesus. Have you heard it? Let me know if you haven't, and I'll share it on another post.

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  1. Yes, put this up. I love this story and I can never get it right. I get half way through it and wonder what I'm talking about. LOL