April 20, 2010

Costume Question

I'm not normally a Glee watcher, but I tuned in this evening to see the Madonna tribute. Overall, I was very pleased with the episode, but I did see something - something that has probably gone unnoticed by the vast majority of people watching - but something that hit home for me.

***I should probably warn Glee fans not to continue reading if you haven't yet seen this week's episode in case of any spoilers***

In tonight's episode, Mercedes and Kurt joined the Cheerios for a special performance. My issue is not with their lack of loyalty to the glee club, as one might expect, but it is with the uniform worn my Mercedes. Perhaps you didn't notice, but she was the only girl not wearing the Cheerios skirt. Instead, she wore the uniform pants (worn only by male cheerleaders).

Maybe you're wondering, "What's the big deal?" But you see... it totally brought me back to a place of my own insecurity.

In eighth grade, I was on my junior high cheerleading squad. When our coach distributed our uniforms, though, we found that there was only one in my size. Unfortunately for me, there were two of us who needed that size, and I was not the proud recipient of said skirt.

My coach immediately called the cheerleading apparel companies, trying to find another skirt for me, but the truth of the matter was that our skirts were so old that no one sold them anymore. Her solution: buy me an alternate skirt. Sounds reasonable, right?

The problem was, my skirt looked nothing like the others. Theirs were red with giant, white pleats in the middle. Mine was plain red. I stuck out like a sore thumb, and this embarrassed me beyond belief (add to this the fact that I was the new girl that year). I distinctly remember debating whether or not I should quit, but I loved this sport more than anything. So, for an entire season, I sacrificed my pride for my love of cheering.

All of this is to say... I noticed that Mercedes didn't look the same as her slimmer counterparts. I wondered if that girl (if she weren't just a character) would also have been conscious of the fact that she was not like the others. I questioned if this was a director's decision in order to "cover up the fat girl" because clearly she can't be a cheerleader.

And for the record... I was. From grade school through my senior year. And I was good, too!

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  1. and you belonged there because you were cute and bubbly and smiley and a great cheerleader. I commend you on always doing what you loved. love, mama