April 29, 2010

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye

Thirty minutes ago, I watched the love of my life drive away from my house for the last time (at least for the foreseeable future). This weekend, he's off to New York to start a new job as a forensic psychologist - a job he's been waiting and hoping for since his internship ended in September.

I am excited for him to start this new adventure. This is pretty much the perfect job for him right now. He gets to work with the his ideal clientele, and he'll be building the necessary skills to open his own practice one day. He's been working so hard for so long to make this happen, and I'm thrilled to cheer him on from the sidelines.

But the truth is... I never could have imagined how hard it would be to watch him go. He's so much more than just my boyfriend. He's my best friend in the world. And I'm barely able to see the monitor through my tears as I think about how hard it'll be to not be able to see him... hold him... kiss him.

I miss him already!

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