May 16, 2010

Classroom Ideas - Rooted in Words

In language arts, we study word roots, prefixes and suffixes as part of our spelling units. District data was showing, however, that students could not apply these words outside of this context.

So, a "Rooted in Words" tree was constructed in the classroom. I started each trimester with a bare tree to make it interactive for the students. After studying a word root, prefix or suffix, students could add leaves to the tree displaying words they found that fit the rules. I also gave bonus points for each word that was found, so it was a great incentive.

This interactive bulletin board also turned out to be a great activity for students that finished assignments before the rest of the class. Students would dig through novels and dictionaries to find more words for the leaves.

Side Note: My coworker taught me to laminate the leaves so I could write on them with a sharpie and erase it with rubbing alcohol. What a life saver that tip turned out to be! Thanks, Elaine!

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