May 16, 2010

Classroom Ideas - Sweet Stories

As I head into my last full week at LJHS, I wanted to share some bulletin board ideas I had in my classroom this year. My purpose is two-fold: 1) to help me remember what I did and how and 2) to share ideas with any other teachers. I found very quickly that it's not easy to find ideas online that are appropriate for middle school. Nearly everything I came across was either too old or too young, so I had to create from scratch or modify things to make them "just right" for this age group.

The first idea is my favorite. I titled this bulletin board, "Sweet Stories" on a purple banner and polka dot letters hanging above (not in the picture).

The lollipops were created from plastic party plates, which were hot glued together and adorned with colorful straws for sticks. On each one, I pasted the title of one of the Rebecca Caudill books for this school year (in the future, I would probably include a picture of the book cover as well). Each lollipop was then covered with a clear party bag, which you can find in any party store, and secured with a twist tie.

I had a fun polka dot border, which reminded me of that dot candy we used to eat when we were kids (from the Popcorn Shop in Wheaton), and I later added some cupcake cutouts from the calendar section of the teaching store for a touch more color.

This bulletin board was directly above my classroom library, and it was definitely a student favorite. I love this overall effect because the stories literally pop off the walls!

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