May 2, 2010

Girls Night Out

Friday morning started out a bit rough. I was teary eyed on my drive to work and then again when my well-meaning coworkers greeted with me sympathetic hugs. Thankfully, though, my job is one that is so busy that it doesn't give me much time to sit and reflect, and as soon as the school day began, I was out of my funk.

This weekend was a great reminder that I have some fabulous girlfriends. As soon as the 9th period bell released us for the day, my friend Liz was in my room asking me to drinks. In a matter of minutes, my favorite group of girls from work were gathered at Buffalo Wild Wings for some much needed bonding time.

My one, quick drink lasted far longer than intended, resulting in my inability to go home and shower before heading to Elaine's house for girls night. To be honest, I wasn't sure I'd be feeling up to it, but I am so glad I went. Patty, Alison, and Amy joined us for a yummy dinner, tasty drinks and hilarious karaoke entertainment. It was the perfect distraction! Despite my far-too-sober-for-karaoke state, Patty managed to convince me to join her in singing R. Kelly's "Ignition," although I think I only managed to get out half the words through all my laughter.

Thanks, girls, for reminding me that I'm not alone, even when Corey is gone.


  1. Never EVER alone, even when Corey is gone. ((squeezy hugs))

    I'm sorry it's no longer the freakin' weekend, baby. Have a great day! xoxoox

  2. HA! Did anyone else notice that she had trouble making it to 'girls night' because she was much too busy at her 'pre girls night'.

    She cried a river, built two girls night bridges, and GOT OVER IT!

    I love you boo.


  3. This night was freaking hilarious and awesome.