May 2, 2010

Mission: Accomplished

I am pleased to report that Corey has safely arrived in New York, and that I successfully completed my mission of keeping him entertained on what turned out to be a 16 hour drive! It's a good thing we're both talkers and never seem to run out of things to discuss! :)

It was pretty comical late into the evening when he could no longer read the map, and I was trying to describe it to him as I looked on google. That street view feature is fantastic, but it doesn't do much good in the pitch black of the evening (apparently, they don't believe in street lights in upstate NY). It probably didn't help much that he spotted a headless deer on the expressway and was passing deer crossing signs every five minutes - he was certain one would dart in front of him at any moment (for the record, he didn't see any).

My navigation skills were so good that Corey asked for a repeat performance today as he tried to familiarize himself with the lay of the land. Although it would have been much more fun to be in the passenger seat beside him, I enjoyed taking this little tour with him. The added bonus is that I now know where things are for when I visit!

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