May 12, 2010

Who's In?

I was browsing the internet and came across an ad for Baskin Robbins. That cup of sweet, creamy, deliciousness made my mouth water. Suddenly, I needed to have some ice cream.

(Don't you love the power of suggestion?)

So, I did what any sensible girl does and called my mother and sister (who was upstairs, by the way, because yes, I am that lazy) to see who I could convince to join me for a cone, blizzard, Dilly bar, or milkshake. I'm not even picky about the location - but I'm just saying that I happen to know that Steak & Shake has half price shakes on Wednesdays.

Appallingly, they both declined my proposition, sending me into a mild panic. I mean... if no one eats with me, that means I have to eat alone. And eating alone is like drinking alone. And everyone knows that the person who drinks alone has a problem. And I am not an addict!

My solution to said problem is not to avoid the food, but to expand my search. Certainly someone will cave into this sweet temptation with me. Who's In?


  1. I would love to get some ice cream with you Erin! Consider this a long distance ice cream date! haha

  2. Thanks, Samara! It's so nice to have such supportive friends!