June 13, 2010

How I'm Spending My Summer

This is the first summer I've had off since I turned 15, and I'm loving it! How am I staying busy, you ask? Here's my current To Do List:

1. Sleep in as late as I want
2. Have long, leisurely lunches and dinners with friends and family
3. Swim in my uncle's pool
4. Relax in mom's swing
5. Catch up on reading (Currently reading Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins)
6. Work on my tan
7. Organize my novels for my classroom library (yes... this is fun for me)
8. Secure a job for the fall
9. Catch up on some scrapbooking
10. Visit the dentist for the first time in way too long
11. Spend an amazing week with my family when they visit from New Jersey
12. See Eclipse with cousin Shannon while she's in town
13. Eat some wings at Buffalo Joe's with cousin Bill and Heather
14. Attend a wedding for a pseudo-North Park reunion with my college roomie
15. Purge and donate unused items in my closet
16. Spend a day at the Lake Michigan beach with Ashley
17. Sister fondue night
18. Watch Precious, which I have already declared as one of my favorites even though I've never seen it because I am that confident I'll love it
19. Continue lengthy phone and Skype dates with Corey
20. Schedule a trip to New York to see Corey

I'm sure there are things I forgot, but that's enough to keep me busy for a while! ;)

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