June 18, 2010

Just a Little Somethin'

As soon as I was let go from my school, my amazing co-workers began offering advice, encouragement, recommendation letters, and phone calls on my behalf to anyone they knew in other districts. I have to say, that it felt really good to have such support from the people who worked with me daily, from the people that genuinely know what my classroom looks like and what it's like to collaborate with me on a team.

It's no secret that most people get their jobs because of who they know. But in this economy, living in a state that just laid off over 22,000 teachers, it is even more important than ever. So, I've truly appreciated every time they've reached out to one of their friends for me.

One of those contacts may just be paying off. This morning, I received a call from another suburban district offering me an interview for this coming Monday. They have several open positions in English and Social Studies at the middle school level, any of which I'd be lucky and happy to accept.

The interview is only scheduled to last 30 minutes, and I know they have several candidates coming in... but I have my foot in the door, and that's a good start!

And for the first time ever, I am just as anxious to see if I will like them as I am to see if they will like me. I know, I know... a job is a job. But when you come from where I'm coming from, you understand the importance of finding a school that offers a "right fit."

Here's to hoping we're a "right fit" for each other.

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  1. I'm praying for this for you. You deserve it. Love, mama